Forgive me HBO…

Dear HBO,

I’m sorry. I have failed you. Now I feel I have to confess something. Yes, I have been downloading illegally Game of Thrones since the very first episode and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Despite that fact, I don’t consider myself a pirate or whatever name you’d call the numerous ones who do the same as me. I’m not a Game of Thrones scavenger, I’m a Game of Thrones lover.


See, I live in France, and as you probably already know we can’t have HBO here. I would love to pay for it though. That’s absolutely true. I’m not downloading the show because I’m stealing or because I do not want to spend money for it, but I’m doing it because I just can’t watch it decently soon enough after the original diffusion on your channel. Actually, there is one way to watch it legally, but it feels scandalous to me. I should pay a lot money to subscribe to a specific channel network and THEN pay again to buy the right to watch the episode. It just feels not right.

Otherwise, I bought all the books,  I always buy the DVDs, besides there isn’t one person I know who isn’t aware about the show because I try to make anyone I know watch it because in my opinion this is a fantastic show which deserves even more attention that it actually has. I love it and I want it to continue until the end of the books, and I’m sorry for everyone who download illegally Game of Thrones because if they feel as I do they don’t want it but they just HAVE to do it, because worldwide you have lots of fans who cannot access the show in the right way so we have to do it the wrong way. By the way, I don’t really think outside-HBO-range piracy can really be a huge economic problem for you. Because by hearsay more and more people will learn about Game of Thrones, and the DVD will sell better.

If you ever read these lines, know that one of my biggest dreams is that you HBO come in France. Come everywhere. You will not regret it. I won’t download Game of Thrones ever again if you do. And it’s a safe bet to say that I will not be alone. Even if you don’t, I hope that you will forgive me for what I did and what I will do again. But I have to see Game of Thrones by all means. Starks, Lannisters and others changed my life. I couldn’t go on without them by now.


A huge fan.


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